How Much Does Xzilon Cost? - Xzilon Customer Reviews

How Much Does Xzilon Cost? – Xzilon Customer Reviews

Xzilon Original™

Xzilon Original™ Developed originally for the aviation industry, Xzilon® differentiates itself from other environmental protection products by its chemistry. It’s not wax. Xzilon® is formulated to withstand extreme conditions found in aviation that translates to automotive industry leading protection.

Protect your vehicle and the environment.


  • Bird Drops & Etching
    Water Spotting
    Tree Sap
    Loss of Gloss
    Acid Rain
    Love Bug Damage


  • Oil Stains
    Beverage Stains
    Vinyl Fading
    Leather Fading
    Accidental Rips
    Accidental Burns

How Much Does Xzilon Cost?

Xzilon does not offer an AT HOME VERSION. Xzilon offers its warrantied item to Auto, RV and Motorcycle dealerships only. It is applied by the trained persons at the dealership and is a warrantied item.

I Offer $799.00 to customers who bought their new vehicle from me and I supervise it until it’s applied, it might take 1 hour to 1 hour and a half for exterior and interior of the vehicle.

By having Xzilon installed by the dealership, the paint is warrantied against oxidation and fading for 5 years.

Experience the Xzilon Difference!

Dealers and customers expect more than just the promise of protection. Xzilon® products set the industry benchmark for high-performance appearance protection and easy application. Xzilon® products have been developed in several advanced formulations to provide dealers and customers with a menu of superior appearance protection choices. Initiating Xzilon® service is available 24/7 at or by downloading our mobile service app. This intuitive process helps enhance the dealers’ and customers’ experience when service is needed.

Xzilon is focused on the quality of our industry-leading products, customer service performance and market growth. Easy product application, relevant protection for today’s consumer, long lasting product performance, innovative marketing, and superior service are the hallmarks of our company. We are dedicated to those who trust their future with us including our valued internal team, agent representatives, strategic partners, selling dealers and consumers. We will continue to make a positive impact on our industry by outpacing the expectations of those we serve.

The Xzilon Difference

Xzilon FIT

Xzilon FIT Motorcycles

Xzilon FIT RV


XMicrobe Sanitize


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