Automakers Build Engine Parts from Recycled Aluminum

Automakers Build Engine Parts from Recycled Aluminum

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A Renewed Purpose: Toyota Tennessee Builds Engine Parts from Recycled Aluminum

Automakers Build Engine Parts from Recycled Aluminum, Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Tennessee (TMMTN) builds engine blocks for every car, SUV, and truck assembled in North America.

The plant’s more than 300-member workforce is responsible for bringing vehicles to life by using aluminum to create thousands of engine blocks and transmission cases and housings every day. TMMTN produces up to 1.6 million engine blocks and 778,000 transmission cases per year.

In 2003, an increase in customer demand for Toyota vehicles prompted the expansion of Toyota’s Bodine Aluminum to Jackson, Tennessee – where it later changed its name to “Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Tennessee.” Currently, the 450,000 square-foot plant sits on a campus that covers 200 acres.

Throughout the plant, employees work with the latest advanced technologies including robots and hybrid 3D printers to develop high-quality materials efficiently. Devoted to improving the environment, TMMTN is reducing carbon by replacing fluorescent bulbs with LED lighting throughout the plant and limiting unnecessary equipment operation. These actions lessen carbon emissions by hundreds of metric tons every year.

In recognition of the plant’s successful biodiversity efforts, the Wildlife Habitat Council-certified TMMTN in 2015 for planting native wildflowers and 100 Yoshino blossom and fruit-bearing cherry trees on its campus. These trees and flowers help aid migrant and resident songbirds and a host of other pollinators.


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