Electric Vehicles to Double by 2021

Electric Vehicles to Double by 2021

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Electric Vehicles to Double Every Year

U.S. electric-vehicle sales forecasted by the Edison Electric Institute would require the presence of more than 9 million charging ports by 2030.  

Approaches to Deploying EV Charging Infrastructure

The EV market is driven by a myriad of dynamics, including customer awareness and acceptance, the types of EVs available and their affordability, and the availability of charging infrastructure. It is well established that the lack of EV charging infrastructure is a primary barrier to EV adoption. The analysis using the EVI-Pro Lite tool in this report estimates the charging infrastructure needed to support a certain level of EVs. In this section, we discuss approaches for deploying EV charging infrastructure.

Today, approximately 45,000 public Level 2 charging ports and 9,000 DCFC ports are available, including those dedicated to Tesla vehicles. The precise number of workplace Level 2 charging stations is unknown. Based on the EVI-Pro Lite tool results, as shown in Figure 5, more than 2 million charge ports in workplaces and public locations will be needed by 2030. The significant difference between the current availability of charging infrastructure and the expected charging infrastructure needed suggests a growing “infrastructure gap” that must be addressed.

One of the impediments to widespread charging infrastructure availability is the cost. The costs associated with EV charging infrastructure include the equipment itself, ongoing operation and maintenance costs, and the installation costs needed to get power to the charging station site.

These costs can vary widely, from a few hundred dollars to install a Level 2 charger at home to tens of thousands of dollars to install a DCFC. Much of the EV charging infrastructure to date has been paid for by the customer or entity that hosts the charging equipment (the “site host”), whether that is a homeowner, a commercial property owner, or a public entity.


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