Car Detailing Products Investment Opportunity With An Entrepreneur

Car Detailing Products Investment Opportunity With An Entrepreneur

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Automotive Detailing Products Investment Opportunity With An Entrepreneur


Luxury Care Products LLC. the new brand in the car care world, currently looking for investor(s) and car enthusiasts who want to partner up in the production of Auto Detailing Products.

before we go over the details of this investment opportunity, let’s take a look at some numbers and recent reports:

Automobile Detailing and even carwash industry are growing, especially in detailing field people are seeking for car detailers who can take care of their cars. nowadays people are too busy and have no time to clean up their car, especially interior cleaning.

Let me add that, In the Auto detailing products industry, United States is one the best in the world, and consumers all around the world are searching for American products to clean up their cars, Motorcycles, Bikes, Boats you name it.

This industry is a fast-growing business and demand is a lot more than supply (excess demand), yes we’re talking about $12 Billion markets in the US that we must be a part of it.

We all know Americans are crazy about their cars, not just do they love them but they live with them, Their cars like their pets are part of their family. if you ever tried to buy cleaning or detailing products for your vehicle, you’d notice the US market is filled with great products which makes them people satisfy. we have a lot of different products in the market that either is not high-quality or they’re highly expensive that you cannot afford it.

Here at Luxury Care Products, I am not looking for investors but a partner, I would love to start this business with someone who can financially support me, and also would love to work with me to make it happen.

If you are an investor, and a car enthusiast, I would like to talk to you to go over more details about the opportunities and offer that we have.

let’s review some metrics below:

America’s Love Affair With Cars 

U.S. consumers took out a record volume of new auto loans last year auto-loan originations rose to the highest on record in the U.S. last year, despite a slight slip in the fourth quarter, data from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York show. Consumers took out $568.6 billion to finance car purchases, up 0.7 percent from 2016 and more than double 2009 levels, according to the figures released Tuesday. The growth was largely driven by borrowers with the highest credit scores.

The automobile industry eventually began waging a psychological campaign to get pedestrians out of the streets:

First, it invented the term “jaywalking” (a reference to the idea of jaybirds as loud idiots) to make fun of pedestrians walking in the street as being stuck in the past.

Second, schools helped train new generations of children to avoid the streets when the American Automobile Association (AAA) became the top supplier of safety curriculum for U.S. schools in the 1920s, Norton explained. The AAA also spread the idea of school safety patrols to help keep kids out of the street.

The popular phrase “America’s love affair with the automobile” eventually came along in a TV show called “Merrily We Roll Along” as part of the DuPont Series of the Week in 1961 — a time when DuPont owned a large percentage of stock in General Motors. American comedian and actor “Groucho” Marx used the phrase in his narration of the show until it stuck in people’s minds.

Usage of the phrase was nonexistent in newspapers “until 1961 when it goes straight up and never goes down again,” Norton said. “It was introduced by the show and seen by millions of people, who eventually forget it was invented.”

Americans did not actually love cars at first. Until the 1920s, the streets were filled with people, who never needed to pay much attention to where they were walking. As cars became more popular in the early 1920s, there were large numbers of deaths caused by cars hitting walkers in the streets. In particular, many children were killed, which led to huge anti-car campaigns.

There were letters to the editor, parades where Satan drove a model T, and public memorials for slain children. Fights for control of the streets ensued, with the car lobby on one side and most of the rest of the public on the other.

Then, In order to change the perception of who belonged on the streets and remove blame from the cars themselves, the newly-formed car lobby This and other marketing tactics helped the car lobby win the war for public spaces. In many places, the streets were widened to make room for cars. Now, today, Americans love cars because our cities were designed for them and there is simply not a better way to get from A to B in many cases. However, as is clear from history, this is not as natural as it is a result of marketing.

That said, in all aspects, Americans were investing in cars since it showed up and they love their cars and they will live with their cars forever. (source Bloomberg)


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