Compare Honda CR-V vs. Nissan Rogue vs. Toyota RAV4

Compare Honda CR-V vs. Nissan Rogue vs. Toyota RAV4

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Here is a simple Comparison between Honda CR-V vs. Nissan Rogue vs. Toyota RAV4

We Start with CR-V!

2019 CR-V

2019 CR-V

1. Take a look at the top attachment for the rear center seat belt. Where does it attach?
The roof… taking up valuable cargo space

2. When you operate the radio, change the channel a few times. Take note of how easy or hard it was to change channels. What did you notice?
The lack of a tuning knob, making it more difficult to select a station while driving

3. What speed does Honda’s Lane Keeping Assist operate at or above?
Lane Keeping Assist can only be used above 45 MPH. Toyota’s Lane Departure Alert can be used at 32 MPH and above

4. Are the headlights on the CRV EX-L LED?
No – LED headlights are only LED on the Touring trim

5. How many windows on the CRV EX-L are auto up / down?
EX and above have two-window auto up/down on driver and front passenger windows. RAV4 has four- window auto up/down on all grades.

6. How many stereo speakers does the CRV have? How would you rate the sound quality?
4 stereo speakers on CR-V LX and 6 speakers on CR-V EX. Speaker sounds tinny and low quality

7. Attesting to Toyota’s safety initiatives, the RAV4 has 8 total airbags. How many airbags does the CRV have?
6 airbags

Then let’s double check the Rogue!

2019 Rogue

2019 Rogue

1. What does the rear seat have that is not found on the RAV4 or CRV?
Sliding rear seat

2. How many windows are auto up / down on the ROGUE?
One (driver); Toyota is auto up / down on all windows across all models

3. How many USB’s are on the ROGUE SV? How many are in the XLE and up RAV4?
2 (one up front, one in console) The RAV4 LE has 1, XLE and up have 5

4. Check out the sun visors on the ROGUE. What’s missing that is standard on XLE and up RAV4?
Sliding extensions

5. The RAV4 (Gas models) has an 8-speed direct shift transmission with intelligence (ECT-i). How many speeds does the ROGUE have?
No gears, it uses a CVT transmission

and what about Rav4?

2019 Rav4

2019 Rav4

1. You’ll notice some smart storage features to the left of the steering wheel and in front of the passenger seat that is used in another Toyota SUV. What benefit does this offer customers?
Increased usable interior space and handy spots to put keys, phones, etc.

2. Be sure to feel the soft touch materials throughout the cabin – what specifically do you notice on the A/C controls and the back of the door grips inside the vehicle?
Rubber grips to improve the comfortability and usage

3. In a prior session, you learned that the outer mirrors have been relocated to the door panel. Now that you are able to see it while driving, what type of benefits would this offer a customer?
Increased forward and diagonal visibility and reduction in the blind spot while driving

4. If you are seated in the front seats, look up and in the center of the roof, near the reading lights. What standard feature do you notice?
Safety Connect

5. The 2019 RAV4 comes standard with Toyota’s latest safety technology—TSS 2.0. What features have been added to Safety Sense 2.0 over TSS-P?
Road Sign Assist, Lane Tracing Assist, Day-time cyclist detection, Pedestrian Detection in low-light

6. With driver comfort and convenience in mind, how many cup holders does the new RAV4 have?
8 cupholders

7. Have your driver test out the acceleration of the RAV4. How would you rate the acceleration feel and smoothness of the transmission?
8-speed auto transmission helps to improve initial acceleration power and also quick and smooth shifting between gears.

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